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Never forget just how valuable YOU are!

Sometimes we forget our value.  Someone we love leaves us for someone else, we get fired from a job, or we try so hard to succeed at something and still fail.  When this happens we feel less than.  We compare ourselves to other people and feel like we just are not that valuable.  In reality that is just our ego.  We always lack in the eyes of our ego.  Thinking that fame, success, and money will bring happiness is an illusion.  Just look at how many famous actors commit suicide…Robin Williams appeared to have everything anyone could ever want, but guess the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

If we are not happy with what we have, what makes us think we’ll be happy with more?  

Realize that you are valuable.  If you have the ability to read this message then you have the gift of eyesight, which in itself is something to be grateful for.  If someone offered you $1,000,000 to give them your eyes would you do it? No way.  You can’t put a price on eyesight.  And that’s just a fraction of your value.  

Enjoy this short inspirational video to help remind you of just how valuable YOU are!

Evil Tricks To Burn Fat


Picture of me on the left – weight 205 lbs

Picture of me on the right – weight 155 lbs

It’s been several years since I went from fat to six pack abs.  It’s easy to lose weight…where it gets tricky is keeping it off.  Most of the weight loss techniques personal trainers and magazines share are just mainstream.  They give advice that people can actually conceive as believable, but not necessarily great advice for keeping weight off consistently.  These are some of the best tips I have to offer on how to lose fat extremely fast, still enjoy life, and keep the fat off permanently.

3 Evil Tricks To Burn Fat

1.  Skip Breakfast – What!!! Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day?? According to what’s popular at least.  Better yet, just do not eat any carbohydrates your first half of the day.  But what about oatmeal?? Nope.  When you sleep your body goes into fasting mode, that’s why they call breakfast “breakfast” for breaking the fast.  Your body is most sensitive to insulin after fasting, and yes, carbohydrates are a great form of energy; however, eating fat and protein alone for breakfast will provide your body and brain with even more energy. Especially if you are consuming the majority of the calories from healthy saturated fats like that of coconut oil.  Saturated fats from healthy sources convert most readily into ketones, which is like “viagra for your brain” and also puts your body into fat burning mode.  If you are used to eating a high carbohydrate breakfast it will take you several weeks to get fully used to starting your day like this, but eventually your brain/body will go “hey wow I really like this!” and you’ll find that you can go much much longer without eating food.  I start my day with about 30-40 grams of fat and can go until about 2pm without snacking or eating food.  Saturated fat blocks your hunger cravings as well.

2.  Eat Junk Food –  That’s right, pick one day a week to consume your favorite tastiest foods.  Do not think about about calories & carbs on this day.  Just enjoy the flavor of life.  DO NOT SKIP your cheat day.  The reason why is due to psychology.  Tim Ferris writes about this in his book The 4 Hour Body.  If you tell yourself you’re never going to eat pizza again or that you’re not going to eat pizza for 3 months then your mind will break down on you eventually.  This one day of excess cheating a week will actually motivate you to get back on the healthy eating cycle again.  I typically have my cheat day on Saturday.  Sometimes I will eat an entire pizza by myself, popcorn, beer, and eat an entire package of cookie dough.  The next morning I wake up thinking “ugh wow I probably gained like 10 pounds” and it motivates me to jump right back into eating healthy so that I don’t become a fatty again.  It’s genius psychology as it also gives you something to look forward to each week.

3.  Intermittent Fasting – One day a week (I do this after my cheat day) fast.  Do not eat anything at all before 2pm.   Just drink water with lemon, coffee, or tea.  After 2pm, the only thing you can consume are healthy fats (no trans fats or hydrogenated oils) and you can also consume moderate carbohydrates from vegetables and rice.  DO NOT consume protein.  Fasting in this manner puts your body into a pure state of ketosis (fat burning mode), actually boosts your metabolism up to 20%, and inhibits your mTOR (Mammalian Target of Rapamycin) which is responsible for muscle growth. The interesting thing is that your mTOR spikes as soon as you start eating again so your body dramatically starts synthesizing proteins and building muscle.  The first couple times you try to fast you will find it challenging to go without eating as normal, but you do get used to it, and now I look forward to it as it’s one of my most productive & energetic days of the week.  

The truth of the matter is that it’s so easy to lose fat that it’s not even funny.  These tips may sound crazy, but just remember that “everything that is popular is wrong.”

BRAND NEW! Rudy – Inspirational Motivational Video w/ Anthony Robbins & Jim Carrey

Enjoy this motivational video of the week I compiled of scenes from one of my favorite underdog movies, Rudy! Why is it that the movie Rudy become one of the most famous movies of all time?  A story about a kid who was born too small, too uncoordinated, too unintelligent, and no talent.  He didn’t have a lot of things that a lot of people had, but he did have one thing that a lot of people didn’t have…heart.   The story of Rudy has inspired millions of people because of the heart that the had…he had more heart than talent and that’s why he succeeded despite all the odds!

How to Break an Addiction

How do you break an addiction? The exact same way you form a habit…the moment you decide to stop procrastinating.  I’ve had many addictions in my life, some very severe, and some not so severe.  What I’ve found is that habits and addictions are created and broken in the same manner.  It sounds easier said than done to break a habit or form a habit, yet when practices are “practiced” it actually is easy.

One of the best techniques I ever learned about breaking addictions and/or creating new habits is using the power of visualization and self-hypnosis techniques.  In the video below I share about a method called the “Swoosh method” that you can use immediately.

It’s a simple practice, only takes a few minutes each day, and can change your life dramatically! Enjoy!


Another great visualization technique I like is called “cord cutting” for breaking bad habits. Its pretty similar to what I describe here only you imagine your bad habit attached to you by a cord and then you imagine cutting that cord and that bad habit drifting away from you. 

If you have any other techniques that you use, please comment and share them below 🙂

T.G.I.M. Monday Inspirational Video with Eric Thomas!

TGIF has always been a favorite acronym as everyone eagerly awaits Friday so they can enjoy their weekend off. On the opposite end, Monday is the most lethal day of the week.  More people die of heart attacks Monday morning than any other time of the week.  And more migraine headaches initiate on Sunday evening in anticipation for Monday mornings than any other time.  All of this suffering comes from the fact that the majority of people hate their jobs and dread going back to work again Monday morning.  It’s sad that Monday’s have become a dreadful event for most of society today.  Monday’s will take up 1/7 of our life so we might as well find a way to enjoy them equally.  I tell you what, if you don’t like your Monday’s then give them to me 😉

Here is a short motivational video I created to help inspire you through this Monday and this week.  Speech is compiled by some of the best clips from motivational speaker Eric Thomas.  And the the music is by Zack Hemsey.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Get Upside Down!

Hello and Good Morning friends from Upside Down! After learning about the many benefits of practicing inversion techniques I now make it a part of my morning routine to spend at least about a minute or so upside down.

2014-08-01 07.44.45
Here’s just a couple reasons you should do handstands:
1. They’ll make your upper body super strong.
2. They’ll increase your balance
3. They boost your mood by reducing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol
4. They build core strength. Since staying upside down forces you to stabilize your muscles, you’re constantly working your abs, as well as other key muscle groups such as your hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thigh muscles, obliques and lower back while in a handstand. Training handstands every day will get you a well balanced, super strong core.
5. They help with bone health, circulation and breathing. Since handstands are technically a weight-bearing exercise, they can help strengthen your bones, making you less prone to osteoporosis. Handstands are also beneficial for your spine, and help aid bone health in your shoulders, arms and wrists.
6. Helps to flush out adrenal glands.
7. Improves digestion because when you allow the effects of gravity to be reversed on your digestive organs, you will help to move stuck material, release trapped gases, as well as improve blood flow to the all important digestive organs increasing nutrient absorption and delivery to your cells.
8. Stimulates the lymphatic system
9. Increases focus because when you turn upside down, you are increasing the blood flow to your brain. This can help to improve mental function, and increase you sense of focus.Along with helping to reduce fear and worry, this posture will improve your ability to keep your mind sharp and clear.

Namaste 😉

An Introduction to the art of Sleep Hacking: Sleep Deeper, Sleep Less, Improve Your Life!

Time = the MOST valuable commodity in the World!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and how many times have you found yourself saying, “if only there were a few more hours left in the day”.  There’s many ways to become more efficient with your time so that you can squeeze out every last minute, that helps.  However, the most effective way to get an abundance of more time is to sleep less.  Sleeping takes up a good third of our day.  The problem with sleeping less is that you can cause a lot more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing.  After over 6 months of intensively studying sleep techniques, tracking my sleep, and abusively self experimenting, I’ve found consistent techniques that work incredible to be able to allow you to enter into a deeper level of sleep so that you need less sleep.  I used to never feel like I could get enough sleep as I exercise very intensively, I run multiple businesses, I am a parents, and active in my community.  Now, I am able to only get 4-6 hours of sleep and still feel incredible.

I will have to break this down into several videos/blogs as this is way too much information to share in just one video or blog without overwhelming so if you enjoy this video then stay tuned!

In this video I cover:

Improve Your Sleep Improve Your Life

  • Understanding the Four Brain Wave States
    • Beta – This is the your brain in the highest level of frequency.  This is when you are alert, in anxiety, or giving a presentation.
    • Alpha – This is a more relaxed state.  This is when you are reading a book, relaxing in a hammock etc.
    • Theta – Your brain is operating a very low vibrational frequency at this state of consciousness.  This is when you are in a very relaxed state such as deep meditation or entering into sleep mode.
    • Delta – This is the slowest of all brain wave states.  Your brain is operating at about 0-4 cycles per second.  This is when healing begins.  This is when human growth hormone is released.  Many people sleep 7-9 hours a night and barely ever enter into this level of sleep and that is why many wake up in the morning still feeling tired.
  • Sleep Tracking
    • You can’t improve what you can’t measure, if you want to become good at sleeping then you need to track your performance just like you would track eating calories or exercising at the gym
    • For Android users I recommend an app called Sleep As Android
    • For Iphone users I recommend an app called Sleep Cycle
  • Sleep Induction Mat
    • This is one of my favorite techniques for shutting off my brain quickly and entering into a deep sleep.
    • This is a spiked mat that you lay on for about 15 minutes before bedtime.  It hurts, but after about 10 minutes you will begin to get very sleepy.  I’ve turned many people onto this mat and they will report back that sometimes they fall asleep on the mat accidentally and wake up at 1-2am surprised to still be on the mat.
    • The magic in this mat is that it releases endorphins into the body that put you into a very relaxed state.  The interesting part is that it doesn’t just last for a few minutes, but instead lasts for hours!
    • You can buy sleep induction mats off of Amazon.  I have a Spoonk mat.

LIFE CHANGING Inspirational Video of the Motivational Speaker Les Brown

We all need a little inspiration from time to time.  Motivation is a lot like taking a shower.  They’re not required, but it’s a good idea to do them daily!  Enjoy this short video I compiled of the famous Les Brown speaking.  Music by Emotions in the Sky.  If you enjoy this video please provide some feedback!

My Two Year Old Daughters Morning Pep Talk!!!

It’s never too early to start building character! 

I’m not sure how much my daughter understands of what I am having her say, but I believe in the power of words.  Your word is your law and what better way to start your day than with some positive affirmations!