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An Introduction to the art of Sleep Hacking: Sleep Deeper, Sleep Less, Improve Your Life!

Time = the MOST valuable commodity in the World!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and how many times have you found yourself saying, “if only there were a few more hours left in the day”.  There’s many ways to become more efficient with your time so that you can squeeze out every last minute, that helps.  However, the most effective way to get an abundance of more time is to sleep less.  Sleeping takes up a good third of our day.  The problem with sleeping less is that you can cause a lot more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing.  After over 6 months of intensively studying sleep techniques, tracking my sleep, and abusively self experimenting, I’ve found consistent techniques that work incredible to be able to allow you to enter into a deeper level of sleep so that you need less sleep.  I used to never feel like I could get enough sleep as I exercise very intensively, I run multiple businesses, I am a parents, and active in my community.  Now, I am able to only get 4-6 hours of sleep and still feel incredible.

I will have to break this down into several videos/blogs as this is way too much information to share in just one video or blog without overwhelming so if you enjoy this video then stay tuned!

In this video I cover:

Improve Your Sleep Improve Your Life

  • Understanding the Four Brain Wave States
    • Beta – This is the your brain in the highest level of frequency.  This is when you are alert, in anxiety, or giving a presentation.
    • Alpha – This is a more relaxed state.  This is when you are reading a book, relaxing in a hammock etc.
    • Theta – Your brain is operating a very low vibrational frequency at this state of consciousness.  This is when you are in a very relaxed state such as deep meditation or entering into sleep mode.
    • Delta – This is the slowest of all brain wave states.  Your brain is operating at about 0-4 cycles per second.  This is when healing begins.  This is when human growth hormone is released.  Many people sleep 7-9 hours a night and barely ever enter into this level of sleep and that is why many wake up in the morning still feeling tired.
  • Sleep Tracking
    • You can’t improve what you can’t measure, if you want to become good at sleeping then you need to track your performance just like you would track eating calories or exercising at the gym
    • For Android users I recommend an app called Sleep As Android
    • For Iphone users I recommend an app called Sleep Cycle
  • Sleep Induction Mat
    • This is one of my favorite techniques for shutting off my brain quickly and entering into a deep sleep.
    • This is a spiked mat that you lay on for about 15 minutes before bedtime.  It hurts, but after about 10 minutes you will begin to get very sleepy.  I’ve turned many people onto this mat and they will report back that sometimes they fall asleep on the mat accidentally and wake up at 1-2am surprised to still be on the mat.
    • The magic in this mat is that it releases endorphins into the body that put you into a very relaxed state.  The interesting part is that it doesn’t just last for a few minutes, but instead lasts for hours!
    • You can buy sleep induction mats off of Amazon.  I have a Spoonk mat.

Hack Your Sleep and Feel Incredible!

Everyday for the past six months I’ve tracked my sleep using devices and applications. Learning about sleep has been one of my strange obsessions I research about in my free time. Time is our most valuable commodity and also a depreciating asset, so I always realized that if I could sleep less I could get more done. I used to sleep 8-9 hours a night and many times still wake up tired the next morning.

When I first started tracking my sleep I noticed that I only went into deep sleep (REM) for about 15% of the night. Learning and practicing sleep techniques I’ve been able to learn how to sleep on 4-6 hours a night 50-75% of the time in deep sleep. Deep sleep is the most valuable form of sleep as this is when human growth hormone is released. Many times I wake up before my alarm clock after about 5 hours because I just feel so well rested. I wake up feeling incredible, my immune system, and emotional state have also never been better.



If you would like to learn about some techniques on how to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and enter into REM sleep then like or comment on this post and if I see enough people are interested I’ll make some videos to share some pretty wild tips that could change your life.

The picture is a screen shot from my cell phone using an application to track my sleep. For Iphone users I recommend using Sleep Cycle. For Android users I recommend using Sleep As Android

PS: The 9% snoring is definitely from my dog 😉