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The #1 Secret to Getting Your Ass Motivated to Take Action NOW

After 9 months of failing to even attempt a goal that I was after I realized I had to make a change in my level of motivation.  Up to that point I had been using pleasurable rewards for achieving the goal.  I would say when I accomplish this then I will buy that for myself.  The goal really wasn’t anything even that far fetched.  It was really just a test of will and to do something I was extremely uncomfortable doing.  I kept putting it off.

Till finally one day I looked at myself in the mirror and said if I don’t accomplish this task today then I will not pick up my daughter from daycare.  I am a single parent and so that would have broken my little girls heart. To not have her father pick her up from school.  The trust bond would have been broken between us.  And I meant it when I said it to myself in the mirror.  Within one hour I completed the task I had been putting off for over 9 months and it’s not because I was going to receive a reward, but rather that I was motivated by fear…fear and pain.  Fear and pain are two of the greatest motivators of all.  And

I urge you that if there is a task that you want to accomplish and you keep putting it off because the reward of achieving it is not motivating enough then I dare you to switch it around and make it so that if you don’t accomplish the task then you will suffer somehow.  But please be within reason, you don’t want to make the task so unrealistic like “if I don’t make a million dollars by the end of the week then I’m going to jump off a bridge” then that is just setting yourself up for failure.  I recommend to set the goal/task as something that you can definitely achieve, then add the fear incentive.

For Anyone That Needs a Little Motivation…Enjoy this Brand New Motivational Video!

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Turn Your Mess Into A Message

It’s easy to feel that we are unique in our lives when we go through a traumatic situation.  We can feel that have been cursed, unlucky, and that people that are successful have been lucky or favorable.  There is nothing more far from the truth.  I love to read biographies of great people throughout history and the one thing I always find in common with people that have achieved greatness is that they went through extraordinary amounts of pain, suffering, and failure before they finally broke through.

Realize that if you have had tremendous challenges in your life that this is just a chapter in your book, but does not have to be the conclusion of the story.  You hold the pen in writing the story of your life from this moment forward.  I believe that one of the reasons we go through difficult situations is so that we can show others that you can go through that same type of challenge and still make it through.

Enjoy this inspirational speech and focus on turning whatever mess you are going through into a message that can positively impact others!

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Inspirational Speech by George Doumanian Jr

Stop Being a “Yes-aholic”

I feel so many of us go through life saying “yes” to everything.  We over obligate ourselves to situations that we don’t really want to do, just out of being a nice.  Or more likely that we are actually afraid to say “no”.  It’s okay to say NO.  You don’t have to say yes to every single invitation to go out to lunch, to volunteer, to help someone out, to loan someone money, etc.  We end up being what I like to call a “yes-aholic”.  Sometimes we need to put our foot down.  I used to be a “yes-aholic” and I found myself with severe anxiety and a sense of always feeling overwhelmed.  I felt disorganized and chaotic in my life because I said yes to almost everything out of of an effort to please everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to say yes.  Yes to situations and opportunities that you can commit to and feel comfortable with.  But I truly believe it’s more important to learn to say no.  Learn to say “no” to a person that is abusive, to the friends that want you to party when you know you shouldn’t, or to the parental figure that doesn’t agree with the career choice you want to make.

Then follow up with your other most powerful word is your “I will”.  That is your relentless commitment to a resolve.

Learn to use your two most powerful weapons: Your “No” and your “I Will”


MUST WATCH! Steve Harvey Inspirational Speech!!!

Two minutes that will change your life!  

Enjoy this Motivational Inspirational Speech by Steve Harvey

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Believe “it’s possible” – Inspirational Speech

Quick inspirational speech on believing “it’s possible”  

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Laughter Yoga…How to Fake Laugh Yourself Into Being Happy!

Why so serious!!!???  I’ve always been obsessed with self-improvement and self-development, but I eventually found myself at a point in life where I took everything way too seriously.  If something or someone wasn’t making me better then I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  I was like this for along time…and eventually one day found myself questioning why I couldn’t laugh like I used to as a kid.  When I was younger my friends and I were always laughing, joking, and many times I remember laughing so hard I would almost pee myself!



  I started to notice that I just couldn’t laugh at funny situations anymore.  Even when I would watch a funny movie I would just give sheepish snickers at the funniest scenes.  I would get envious of my friends who could laugh and tell jokes.  I started looking up about books and exercises to learn how to get my sense of humor back.  I stumbled across Laughter Yoga.  At first when I watched some videos about it I thought this was freaking weird as hell.  These people looked like idiots standing around laughing for no reason.  No way would I stoop to that level.

One day I decided to give it a practice in my bathroom by myself.  You start out by just doing the act of laughing.  Even if it’s fake as ever.  Just do the laugh exercise.  Then try even harder to laugh.  After doing this eventually I found myself cracking up just at how ridiculous I felt.  I only did this for about a minute before I had to stop because it just kinda felt unnatural.  

I decided that I would start doing this a couple times a week for a minute here and there.  The thing I found is that  I always felt really good after I did this exercise.  So then I started doing it more and just laughing my ass off for no reason.  I’d be in the car listening to a song and just decide to start laughing. I would do it while walking, while cleaning, while thinking!  

After a month I noticed that while watching movies and youtube videos I found that I would get an itch to laugh at scenes that were only slightly funny…I would just let myself go with the flow and laugh.  

When I look back on this little experiment I realize that it’s taught me how to have more fun in my life.  Laugh at things that I used to take so seriously and now other people enjoy being around me more because they know I’m not quite so serious.  Life’s too short afterall…no one gets out alive! So might as well laugh and smile as much as possible while here 🙂

Motivational Video of the Week!! DEDICATION

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Never forget just how valuable YOU are!

Sometimes we forget our value.  Someone we love leaves us for someone else, we get fired from a job, or we try so hard to succeed at something and still fail.  When this happens we feel less than.  We compare ourselves to other people and feel like we just are not that valuable.  In reality that is just our ego.  We always lack in the eyes of our ego.  Thinking that fame, success, and money will bring happiness is an illusion.  Just look at how many famous actors commit suicide…Robin Williams appeared to have everything anyone could ever want, but guess the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

If we are not happy with what we have, what makes us think we’ll be happy with more?  

Realize that you are valuable.  If you have the ability to read this message then you have the gift of eyesight, which in itself is something to be grateful for.  If someone offered you $1,000,000 to give them your eyes would you do it? No way.  You can’t put a price on eyesight.  And that’s just a fraction of your value.  

Enjoy this short inspirational video to help remind you of just how valuable YOU are!

BRAND NEW! Rudy – Inspirational Motivational Video w/ Anthony Robbins & Jim Carrey

Enjoy this motivational video of the week I compiled of scenes from one of my favorite underdog movies, Rudy! Why is it that the movie Rudy become one of the most famous movies of all time?  A story about a kid who was born too small, too uncoordinated, too unintelligent, and no talent.  He didn’t have a lot of things that a lot of people had, but he did have one thing that a lot of people didn’t have…heart.   The story of Rudy has inspired millions of people because of the heart that the had…he had more heart than talent and that’s why he succeeded despite all the odds!