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10 Ways to Make $10K a Month

10 Ways to Make $10,000+ a Month!

Have you ever considered what it would feel like to make over $10,000 in one month?  In this life anything is possible.  Every single day new millionaires are created.  Millionaires that are people just like you and me.  I had my first $10k month when I was 16 years old and have made $10k months in several different industries now, so I thought I would share some ideas you can use to create $10k months.

Below I’m listing 10 different ways you can make over 10k a month in each category. 

Idea 1
You can create a membership site where members would pay you @29.99 Per
Month; doing so, you would only need a collective group of 333 subscribers to
make around 10k a month. This is a site that you would continuously add content
to, so that members can learn continuously with the information you are providing.
Example: A tennis website that gives lessons online which are uploaded once a
week and which charges members monthly to learn.
Idea 2
You can sell shirts using Tee Spring @20/shirt with a $10 profit each; 1000 shirts a
month will therefore make you around 10k a month. (Tee spring is a new way
shirts are being distributed. Some people have already made over a million dollars
through their method of selling shirts.)
Example: A fitness following of thousands who you can sell shirts to.
Idea 3
You can create an ebook or instructional book that sells for $39 per book. If you
sell 250 units per month, you will make 10k a month. (Keep in mind that this is an
automated system we are creating; they will be adding the ebook to their shopping
cart and buying it even while you sleep.)
Idea 4
You can start your own live webinar that sells at $47 per person; you would then
need to sell 212 spots to make 10k a month. (Tip: use software like or for screen sharing so that other people can view your
screen live once they register.)
Example: Hold a class on how to use Pinterest to grow your business. You could
share your screen and walk the class through how to do it.
Idea 5
You can create a 6-disc audio program (of Mp3s, for instance) and sell it at $197.
You would only need to sell 50 units per month to make 10k a month. This can be
done by recording your knowledge of a topic and converting it into an audio
source. You can then upload your content and send it over to where they
will print out and ship orders to your customers, doing so every time someone buys
your program. You can also have an mp3 file emailed out automatically when they
buy, so that the content can get to them immediately.
Example: You can record a 6-disc course on leadership.
Idea 6
You can start a 4-week live coaching program and sell it at $397. You would need
to sell 25 per month to make 10k a month. This coaching could be done over the
phone or via live screen sharing once a week for a month at a time.
Example: A 4-week course on how to be a great parent.
Idea 7
You can create a video course that is uploaded online, one which contains different
modules customers can view. These courses are pre-recorded. You can sell these
starting at $497. You would need to sell only 20 per month to make 10k a month.
Example: A course on how to fight chronic fatigue. Users would log in with the
user name and password provided to get access to video modules they can watch.
Idea 8
You can create promotional videos which you can advertise to get a following,
thereby growing a direct sales business. You would need to add a collective group
of 80 new business partners/customers a month for an entire year to make 10k a
month. This is based on the compensation of the average direct sales company.
This is a good strategy to employ when you don’t have your own products to
Example: You market for a direct sales company that offers nutrition and sports
nutrition products. When you have a large list, it’s easy to enroll customers and
business partners.
Idea 9
You can start a seminar that sells at $1497 and sell 6 tickets a month to make 10k a
month. You can also give customers access to an online course you have as part of
the seminar they purchased a ticket to.
Example: You start a seminar on how to have a healthy relationship with your
Idea 10
You can create a mastermind coaching program at 5k a student. You only need 2
students a month to make 10k. This would consist of six months to a year of hands on
coaching. This could also include access to all of your resources; resources that
they couldn’t get access to otherwise.
Example: You start a mastermind group teaching people how to write and publish
books. You then coach them for 6 months and help them write and publish their
first book and teach them to market it.

These are just a few ideas.  You can come up with your own,  but these are some pretty simple models to duplicate.
Rest assured, you will make mistakes in attempting any of these ideas, you will fail, but keep failing, and eventually you will succeed. And, if you are who I think you are – reading to this point in this post – you will learn a few things along the way. As long as you persevere – don’t quit – you will reach your goal. 

And it will be SWEET!

Enjoy the ride, my friend!