Stop Being a “Yes-aholic”

I feel so many of us go through life saying “yes” to everything.  We over obligate ourselves to situations that we don’t really want to do, just out of being a nice.  Or more likely that we are actually afraid to say “no”.  It’s okay to say NO.  You don’t have to say yes to every single invitation to go out to lunch, to volunteer, to help someone out, to loan someone money, etc.  We end up being what I like to call a “yes-aholic”.  Sometimes we need to put our foot down.  I used to be a “yes-aholic” and I found myself with severe anxiety and a sense of always feeling overwhelmed.  I felt disorganized and chaotic in my life because I said yes to almost everything out of of an effort to please everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to say yes.  Yes to situations and opportunities that you can commit to and feel comfortable with.  But I truly believe it’s more important to learn to say no.  Learn to say “no” to a person that is abusive, to the friends that want you to party when you know you shouldn’t, or to the parental figure that doesn’t agree with the career choice you want to make.

Then follow up with your other most powerful word is your “I will”.  That is your relentless commitment to a resolve.

Learn to use your two most powerful weapons: Your “No” and your “I Will”


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