Laughter Yoga…How to Fake Laugh Yourself Into Being Happy!

Why so serious!!!???  I’ve always been obsessed with self-improvement and self-development, but I eventually found myself at a point in life where I took everything way too seriously.  If something or someone wasn’t making me better then I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  I was like this for along time…and eventually one day found myself questioning why I couldn’t laugh like I used to as a kid.  When I was younger my friends and I were always laughing, joking, and many times I remember laughing so hard I would almost pee myself!



  I started to notice that I just couldn’t laugh at funny situations anymore.  Even when I would watch a funny movie I would just give sheepish snickers at the funniest scenes.  I would get envious of my friends who could laugh and tell jokes.  I started looking up about books and exercises to learn how to get my sense of humor back.  I stumbled across Laughter Yoga.  At first when I watched some videos about it I thought this was freaking weird as hell.  These people looked like idiots standing around laughing for no reason.  No way would I stoop to that level.

One day I decided to give it a practice in my bathroom by myself.  You start out by just doing the act of laughing.  Even if it’s fake as ever.  Just do the laugh exercise.  Then try even harder to laugh.  After doing this eventually I found myself cracking up just at how ridiculous I felt.  I only did this for about a minute before I had to stop because it just kinda felt unnatural.  

I decided that I would start doing this a couple times a week for a minute here and there.  The thing I found is that  I always felt really good after I did this exercise.  So then I started doing it more and just laughing my ass off for no reason.  I’d be in the car listening to a song and just decide to start laughing. I would do it while walking, while cleaning, while thinking!  

After a month I noticed that while watching movies and youtube videos I found that I would get an itch to laugh at scenes that were only slightly funny…I would just let myself go with the flow and laugh.  

When I look back on this little experiment I realize that it’s taught me how to have more fun in my life.  Laugh at things that I used to take so seriously and now other people enjoy being around me more because they know I’m not quite so serious.  Life’s too short afterall…no one gets out alive! So might as well laugh and smile as much as possible while here 🙂

About George Doumanian

I like to have fun with everything I do! I believe life is about taking risks, embracing failure, and being true to ourselves. I love to work hard, live balanced, and celebrate often. Optimistically is the way I view life. Events + Response = Outcome. We never know what will be thrown at us, it's how we handle the situation that determines everything. I'm passionate about self-educating, business, music, and health & fitness. I have many hobbies, I love to travel, and have a big appetite for life. I want to do it all and learn as much as I can while I'm here!

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