How to Break an Addiction

How do you break an addiction? The exact same way you form a habit…the moment you decide to stop procrastinating.  I’ve had many addictions in my life, some very severe, and some not so severe.  What I’ve found is that habits and addictions are created and broken in the same manner.  It sounds easier said than done to break a habit or form a habit, yet when practices are “practiced” it actually is easy.

One of the best techniques I ever learned about breaking addictions and/or creating new habits is using the power of visualization and self-hypnosis techniques.  In the video below I share about a method called the “Swoosh method” that you can use immediately.

It’s a simple practice, only takes a few minutes each day, and can change your life dramatically! Enjoy!


Another great visualization technique I like is called “cord cutting” for breaking bad habits. Its pretty similar to what I describe here only you imagine your bad habit attached to you by a cord and then you imagine cutting that cord and that bad habit drifting away from you. 

If you have any other techniques that you use, please comment and share them below 🙂

About George Doumanian

I like to have fun with everything I do! I believe life is about taking risks, embracing failure, and being true to ourselves. I love to work hard, live balanced, and celebrate often. Optimistically is the way I view life. Events + Response = Outcome. We never know what will be thrown at us, it's how we handle the situation that determines everything. I'm passionate about self-educating, business, music, and health & fitness. I have many hobbies, I love to travel, and have a big appetite for life. I want to do it all and learn as much as I can while I'm here!

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